Hey, I'm Zac Hansen. After spending over $100,000 on Facebook ads, I realized that when my campaigns bombed, it was because of a poorly built funnel.

This lead me down the path to become an apprentice to the great masters of direct response marketing digging into every book I could get my hands on while learning from great mentors along the way.

After digging into the and I started speaking and working with a number of coaches, I found that most coaches making over $200,000 a year have way to much going on to focus on making minor, yet important tweaks to their marketing.

Everything works...but it could be better.

And everyone wants to hit a bigger goal by the end of 2020.

Now, I help personal development and business coaches improve their funnels by eliminating overwhelm and making one simple change to increase their sales every week by clogging a "revenue hole" while expanding the amount of people entering the top of your funnel through methods you may not have thought of before (like JV partnerships).

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Secret #1

Your funnel may be converting. But how do you drastically improve it? Discover the one element that will make or break any funnel that has virtually nothing to do with how persuasive and compelling your copy is.

Secret #2

The most important part of your page is often forgotten about the most. Check to see how well your current headline is performing (and why you should spend most of your time working on just this).

Secret #3

Does your fake countdown timer scream B.S from a mile away? Let's change that.

Uncover a simple "hack" I stumbled upon that is ridiculously easy to implement that creates genuine scarcity for evergreen promos.

Ready to Book More Calls & Enroll More Clients?

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Before working with just coaches and consultants...I was your "everyperson's copywriter". And I would write a LOT of copy for different mediums and different niches... To list a few mediums, I would write: Mini-funnelsSales LettersBook ChaptersVSL ScriptsEmailsLong form story based FB ads. Life was chaoctic at I was always looking for something that could… Read More »Home

Making The Math Work (The Most Important Part of Your Funnel) 

Hey friend, Today, I want to talk about the most important part of your funnel… The math. And when I mean Math…I’m not talking about algebra or anything complicated. I’m just talking about how much money you are making off each new customer you bring into your business. Funny enough, this is often the most… Read More »Home

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Webinar to Land New Clients 

Let me guess… Some guru told you that the key to growing a million dollar coaching or consulting business is to use a webinar funnel. And so you spend weeks planning out that webinar and it’s a total flop. A few calls (if you’re lucky)No new clientsBlood sweat and tears at all the time wasted… Read More »Home


Today, I wanted to record a video to show you how to convert even the most skeptical prospects into true fans by using a "Magic Lantern" technique. Enjoy!

Do This Before You Hire Anyone 

Have you been a victim of a shady service provider? It sucks getting burned…no body likes it but it happens regularly. Speaking with a number of my current clients, most of them have a horror story or two about paying $5,000-$10,000+ to funnel builders, coaches or other service providers that got them absolutely zero results.… Read More »Home

The Secret Behind Tiny LIttle Offers 

Lot's of people have downplayed "the trip wire". That little $7 offer that is meant to build a list of qualified buyers rather than a bunch of freebie seekers. However, in the past 6 months, there has been a new funnel that has been quitely brining in massive returns for a few smart business owners.While… Read More »Home

Uncover The Root Problem in Your Business 

Let's end the stupidity... Too often today the dumbest questions are being asked by smart people in Facebook groups. "Should I start advertising on Youtube?" "Which funnel software should I use?" "What's the best email provider?" "Where should I host my podcast?" "What kind of funnel should I have?" This short article is going to… Read More »Home

Marketing Simplified – The Only Three Things You Should Focus Your Attention on to Increase Your Revenue 

Here's the deal There is a LOT of great business minds out there that are able to grow and scale their business to incredible heights. They take them to $100,000 then $200,000, $300,000, $500,000, $1,000,000+ in revenue. Yet, they (like all of us) can quickly get swept into overwhelm as to what they should do… Read More »Home


WHEN WE TALK TO OURSELVES AND OTHERS ABOUT RAISING OUR PRICES...IT DOESN'T HAVE TO FEEL LIKE A LEAP OF FAITH. Here's the deal... We all know we should raise our prices. It's simple math right? We double our price; we make more money. Except, there is that burning feeling inside us that makes us question… Read More »Home

Cold Traffic Breakdown — The reMarkable Tablet 

Today, I took a bit of time to dissect the reMarkable Paper tablet’s new Facebook Ad Funnel. If you don’t know what the reMarkable is, it’s a paper table that is meant to replace your paper notebooks (and even typing with their latest update) while keeping all your documents organized and in the cloud. It’s… Read More »Home

How To Increase The Quality Of Your Leads Generated Through Cold Traffic Campaigns (It’s Not Quiz’s) 

For my third marketing tip of the month... I wanted to share a simple tactic anyone can use to attract more qualified leads and increase your conversion rates from cold traffic campaigns.. regardless on what medium you are advertising on. Most companies fall into the trap of making it too easy to opt-in. They are… Read More »Home

How to Write a Compelling Story That Could Increase Your Opt-in Rates as Much as 400% 

I want to share a simple technique you can use to showcase your own story to attract and convert cold prospects that know nothing about you. Too many people think it’s hard to write story driven content that converts. As a result, many times they come up with an entire plot line to their next… Read More »Home

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Toss Your Name and Email In Below And I'll Send You Your Sales Page Audit Straight Away...