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Before working with just coaches and consultants…I was your “everyperson’s copywriter”.

And I would write a LOT of copy for different mediums and different niches…

To list a few mediums, I would write:

  • Mini-funnels
  • Sales Letters
  • Book Chapters
  • VSL Scripts
  • Emails
  • Long form story based FB ads.

Life was chaoctic at times…so I was always looking for something that could make the writing process faster and easier.

Internal outlines and templates helped tremendously…but it still would take me a bit of time to write everything out and my brain was always on the hunt for that next best thing.

That’s when I started becoming more and more interested in tools like Copypro.ai and Funnel Scripts that practically claimed “you will never have to write another word of copy again.”

My B.S radar was beeping loudly in my mind flashing “you’re wasting your time”…

Yet, there was always that wonder in my mind if these services actually write all my copy and save me 40 hours of work while I sit on a beach in Hawaii living the internet marketers dream?

That’s what I wanted to find out and this post will tell you more about my experience testing two of the most well known copywriting tools out there.

The Test

At this moment, I have experimented with two copywriting software services:

  1. CopyPro.Ai created by John Benson (the creator of the VSL)
  2. Funnel Scripts created by Jim Edwards & Russel Brunson

Once I joined Copypro, I started playing around to see what it would do.

So to start, I went in to Copypro and just started playing around to see what it would do.

I started out by generating a VSL, a webinar script and a few emails.

And after seeing it pump out a full webinar script that I could plug and play with my information…I was pretty impressed.

But as I started going deeper into both the tools, I noticed a big problem…

All the copy sounded fairly generic.

It would have a customizable area where you could edit the copy, but every single webinar script, VSL or email campaign didn’t have that “spark” that good copywriters can inject into their own writing.

The templates that came out of Copypro and Funnel Scripts were good templates that you could use…but for my level of standard needed a lot of work editing..

So they could be a great starting point IF you’re able to find a template that works for exactly what you need.

But overall, I wasn’t super impressed with the copy.

Can These Automation Tools REALLY Write Your Copy for You?

The short answer is… not really.

Let me explain.

The best way to use any of these tools is using it like a “rough draft creator”

It could do a lot of the heavy lifting getting the transitions written from one section of your copy to the next while giving you a pretty sharp outline.

Now that being said, trying to use the exact copy these tools spit out would not work in hyper competitive markets.

There is no barrier to entry (other than a low cost) to use these tools right now.

And if you don’t modify the copy, your prospect will say “I’ve heard this before” and bounce never to be heard from again.

If you wanted to try them out, I would recommend to use it as a great outline and then modify the copy as you see fit.

For my use case, they have helped spark a few ideas but all the copy I create for my clients is still from scratch.

Sure, I follow a structure but I still create almost all of my copy from scratch without using fill in the blank templates.

Good copywriters get paid millions because they are creative and come up with compelling ideas that connect your copy while creating a vivid picture in the readers mind and making her or him FEEL in their heart strings that this is the right product for them.

The Future of Automation and Copywriting

Over the coming months, I’m very excited to see what Copypro develops into.

Jon Benson stated on a webinar that Copypro will be able to write copy better than most Copywriters in the next two years as they continue to improve it and “teach the machine” how to write better.

Will this ever pan out? I don’t know but either way I’m excited to follow the company’s progress as they work to fundamentally change how we write copy.


Can an A.I tool write your copy right now? Not entirely, but it can give you great ideas, take away some of the work and make it a slight bit easier on you.

I think these tools have a lot of potential in the future and I’m excited to see how they progress as time goes on.

For now, if you’re a coach or consultant that is thinking about using a tool to write your funnel copy to land phone calls, you may be disappointed at how it works out.

Feel free to book a call with me instead and I can show you how our “Short Film” funnel can help you schedule appointments with your dream clients.


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