December 6

Cold Traffic Breakdown — The reMarkable Tablet


Today, I took a bit of time to dissect the reMarkable Paper tablet’s new Facebook Ad Funnel.

If you don’t know what the reMarkable is, it’s a paper table that is meant to replace your paper notebooks (and even typing with their latest update) while keeping all your documents organized and in the cloud.

It’s a very exciting space as they are now directly competing with companies as big as Sony with new Chinese and European alternatives popping up with their own version of the paper tablet.

With almost (or over) 100,000 sales, the company just raised 15 Million in series A funding which is a huge leap forward for paper tablets.

They have recently switched up their approach to focus all their cold traffic towards business owners who would consider adopting the Remarkable across their entire organization.

Here’s the video breakdown going over:

  1. Quick review about the company (and their sexy tablet).
  2. Their Facebook Ad strategy.
  3. Their new landing page geared towards business owners.

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