January 25

Do This Before You Hire Anyone


Have you been a victim of a shady service provider?

It sucks getting burned…no body likes it but it happens regularly.

Speaking with a number of my current clients, most of them have a horror story or two about paying $5,000-$10,000+ to funnel builders, coaches or other service providers that got them absolutely zero results.

It hurts to wave goodbye to your hard earned cash…and I don’t want it happening to you.

In this post, you’re going to learn the only two questions you need to ask yourself before hiring a service provider so you never get burnt or waste time working with the wrong people.

Are you Hiring Someone to Fix The Wrong Thing?

I’ve heard this happen all the time…

This is where you see a symptom level problem (I need to run Facebook Ads to get clients) but in reality, it’s something totally different.

Let me explain from a past client experience…

Just over a year ago, I was running Facebook Ads for a few clients in different niches.

Long story short, a coach paid me $1500 to run Facebook Ads for him and I also told him I would help setup his landing pages because I wanted to learn more about copy and funnels.

I ended up working with this guy for free for 2+ months because he wasn’t getting results (and dammit, I want my clients to be happy)!

There was however, a few massive issues I didn’t understand at the time that caused everything to fail even though I built a landing page that got a 93% opt-in rate and was generating $1 leads.

Looking back now… I see that there was 5 key problems that were never addressed which caused this campaign to fail:

  1. His offer was weak. It didn’t accurately address a big problem in the market so no one wanted to book calls with him.
  2. The lead magnet his team created were attracting small fish rather than whales he wanted to work with.
  3. He paid me 3X more than his ad budget. –> Side note on this…it’s way more profitable for you in the long run to spend $100 on Maxwell Finn’s Facebook Ads course, and take the other $1400 you would have paid someone to run your ads and SPEND THAT MONEY ON ADS!
  4. There was no follow up email sequence to book a call so the leads just rotted in his mailing account.
  5. He didn’t understand persuasion and copy so his videos we’re weak.

The key takeaway here is don’t hire to fix a symptom of a deeper problem. Tactics will not save you if something in your business is fundamentally broken.

Especially if you’re doing over $300,000 in revenue…you probably just need to tweak a few things in your funnel that’s working to increase your revenue by 20-30%.

Anyway, leading to point number 2…

Could You Do It Yourself?

That’s the second question you need to answer before you hire anyone.

Because if you don’t know how to do something yourself…even at the bare minimum lowest level, you could easily be taken for a ride in hell.

Unfortunately, this happens all the time especially from digital marketing service providers. Did you know that the average small business has changed SEO providers 3+ times?

The reason why is because they have absolutely NO idea how SEO works!

When someone says “we will get you on page one of Google”…you don’t know how to tell if they can actually do that!

The absolute best thing you can do is to dedicate just one day and learn everything you can about the subject before you hire someone.

By knowing just a bit about the subject, you are not going into a meeting blind and can quickly evaluate your options.

Taking the SEO example…

If you had a basic understanding by spending one day learning about SEO, you could go into that meeting and get important answers to your questions like:

  • How many blog articles are you writing each month for me?
  • How are you going to setup my sites SCEMA?
  • How are you optimizing for voice search?
  • How many back links are you guaranteeing I’ll get each month?
  • What is the DR and UR of each of these links?
  • Are they PBN links (crap that you can buy for dirt cheap on fiverr) or real guest posts on top websites?
  • Is your team outsourced or in house?

The point here is to make sure you can at the very minimum speak the language before you hire anyone to take over an essential task in your business. Any activity that is directly responsible for putting money in your pocket, you should be able to do yourself (copywriting, ads, traffic, funnel building etc) before hiring someone out.

To wrap this up, just ask those two questions before you hire anyone and you will never have an issue working with the wrong people again.

Let me know if this was helpful in the comments below.


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