December 6

How To Increase The Quality Of Your Leads Generated Through Cold Traffic Campaigns (It’s Not Quiz’s)


For my third marketing tip of the month… I wanted to share a simple tactic anyone can use to attract more qualified leads and increase your conversion rates from cold traffic campaigns.. regardless on what medium you are advertising on.

Most companies fall into the trap of making it too easy to opt-in. They are standing in the middle of time square shouting “FREE EBOOK” or “TRY A FREE TRIAL OF MY SOFTWARE!”

The problem of this is two fold..

First – most people are drowning in a sea of information overload and as a result, free information/free commitments can be easily forgotten about. 

Second – an easy opt-in reduces your lead quality. Because a lot of people will download a free ebook or sign up for a free trial to experience something new for 5 minutes on their lunch break..only to be completely forgotten about later. 

A simple solution to increase your lead quality is to use a pre-sell advertorial page before you send a prospect to an opt-in page.

The goal of an advertorial is to “heat up” cold traffic to make them aware of your solution as well as increase the quality of new leads.

An advertorial has one goal – move your prospect to the next stage of your funnel. You’re not trying to sell here.. just get them interested. 

This is what your marketing funnel would look like with an advertorial:

Advertorial/Pre-Sell Page ▶Opt-In Page ▶ Thank You/Sales Page

Or..even better

Advertorial / Pre-Sell Page ▶ Qualifying Quiz ▶ Opt–In ▶ Thank You/Sales Page

Remember.. the goal of this page is NOT to sell. It’s specifically designed to move an unaware prospect towards your product/service by creating desire.

If you were to write an advertorial for your own business.. you should follow a framework like this:

  • Evaluate on the Headline
  • Describe the problem
  • Agitate the problem
  • Show them the solution
  • Subtly ask them to take the next step

Here’s a few different hooks you can experiment with:

Case Study (InVision):

–        “How ACME Corp’s Design Department Cut Their Project Timelines By 75%”

Intrigue (reMarkable Tablet):

–       “Can this new “paper like tablet“ really eliminate 98% of your companies paper costs?”

Listicle (Airtable):

–       “3 Key Lessons To Learn from Netflix on Keeping Your Team’s Organized (It’s Not Meetings)”

You should devote only 30% of your advertorial talking about the actual solution. The other 70% should be about the problem and going deep into the pain of not solving that problem. 

A simple rule of thumb for adding a CTA is to include no more than three links.

A great way to do this is to hyperlink text. For the Airtable example… you could use a phrase like “team wide collaboration tool” and hyperlink to your landing page!

Advertorials are a fantastic tool to heat up cold prospects and increase lead quality. 

If you found this helpful, let me know in the comments below!


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