December 6

How to Write a Compelling Story That Could Increase Your Opt-in Rates as Much as 400%


I want to share a simple technique you can use to showcase your own story to attract and convert cold prospects that know nothing about you.

Too many people think it’s hard to write story driven content that converts.

As a result, many times they come up with an entire plot line to their next fiction novel rather than a high converting piece of copy.

The goal of story driven content is to hook your reader in and build a connection with them through a story they can relate to.

Luckily… there is a simple framework you can use to crank out high converting story based copy in under 20 minutes.

You can use this technique for:

  • Landing Pages
  • About Pages
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Author/Expert Bio
  • Face To Face Conversations (when someone asks..”What do you do?”)

The gold mine out of these is using this formula for your about page. Because most companies started from incredible stories! Yet, they are often never heard. This is the place to showcase that story.

Moving on.. this formula was developed by my mentor, Kevin Rogers. Kevin’s responsible for over $100 Million in sales for his clients over the course of his freelancing career.

What’s incredible about once you understand this formula, you will see it everywhere.

From TV Ads, radio ads, YouTube videos..

Here’s the formula:

Identity (Who You Are)

Struggle (What you struggled with)

Discovery (What you discovered)

Result (What happened because of that discovery)

Call to Action (Self Explanatory)

Here’s two examples I created in the past 20 minutes to illustrate how fast you can write these:

This one is for Asana

(please note, I’m just making this up and this information could be entirely false).


Hi, we’re Justin and Dustin.. the founders of Asana.


For years.. we were constantly struggling to keep our internal team at Facebook working productively. More often then not.. we found that there was a big communication gap managing all of our team’s projects through email communication and personal to-do lists. We were constantly missing deadlines because of how unorganized our system was.


Then.. Justin and I (Dustin) decided to create a simple task management application that would allow our entire team to collaborate together on projects. After just a few days.. our teams were more focused and hitting milestones faster than ever before!


Now, that prototype has evolved to become Asana, one of the leading workflow management software helping companies in over 180 countries work more productively and stay on track to hit project deadlines. 

Call To Action

If you would like to see how Asana can help your team, click the button below to signup to our free starter-plan.

Here’s another one one for my own business:


Hi, I’m Zac Hansen…


For years, I struggled to make advertising work. I was doing what everyone else was doing like: 

 – Using simple Facebook lead ads

 – Running traffic direct to an opt-in page or sales page 

 – Using fill-in-the-blank copywriting templates 

And as a result, my campaigns were not making a lot of money.


Looking for ways to solve this problem, I began reverse engineering Dollar Shave Club’s billion dollar marketing funnel and found something fascinating…

Unlike most businesses, Dollar Shave Club was sending almost all of their traffic to a pre-sale advertorial page to warm buyers up before sending them to a sales page.

As a result, they were able to cut their customer acquisition cost and build a billion dollar company.


Now, I help my clients implement the same system these giants use to significantly improve my clients return on cold traffic with story driven Facebook Ads and pre-sale advertorial pages.

Call To Action

If you are currently running traffic for your business and would like help to cut your traffic costs, book a “20 Minute Discovery Session” by selecting a time below on our calendars.

This is a great way to create a compelling about page or even landing pages to showcase the people behind your company.


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