January 11

Uncover The Root Problem in Your Business


Let’s end the stupidity…

Too often today the dumbest questions are being asked by smart people in Facebook groups.

“Should I start advertising on Youtube?”

“Which funnel software should I use?”

“What’s the best email provider?”

“Where should I host my podcast?”

“What kind of funnel should I have?”

This short article is going to give you concise answers to every possible dumb question that is holding your business back.

As a former Appsumo software addict buying tons of software I thought was important to grow my business, I understand the FOMO trap all to well.

We feel like that new hack to get us where we want to is right around the corner…

So, I’m going to get you over that right here and now so you can focus on what really matters.

Which, I’m also going to show you some excellent “thinking time” questions you can use.

Let’s rock and roll and make billiions…

The Easy Questions…

  1. Should I use Clickfunnels or WordPress?

This one’s easy.

GetResponse Autofunnels

Really great product that gives you full email marketing automation with a fantastic funnel builder for a great price.

It’s two tools in one!

If you just need a landing page builder (no checkout capability), checkout Brizy.cloud for the cheapest, all in one solution to build great landing pages.

Or, if you want to go super bare bones, use Google Docs for your sales pages, landing pages and everything.

WordPress is needed (even for CF websites) if you want to start a blog.

No sweat if you don’t.

2. Where Should I Host My Online Course?

Use Google Drive to start, then any (thinkific or teachable) hosting platform for your course.

3. Should My Program be Evergreen or Should I Run Launches?

Your call, either works.

I personally love Evergreen because it’s easier to setup, tweak and removes all the major flaws with launches.

4. What Webinar Platform Do You Use?

Upload an unlisted Youtube video on the next page. People hate attending “webinars”, just keep it simple and put the video on the next page.

If you’re spending over $2000 per month on Traffic, use Vidalytics to send specific messages based on how long they made it through the video.

5. What Type of Funnel Should I Use?

If you’re a coach or consultant:

$10-$100 Front End Offer –> Upsell a Strategy Call for Your Higher End Program –> Upsell Video Course (way to get faster results) to support the front end offer –> (Optional downsells) –> Thank You Page

If you want a simple easy to setup funnel, use this one:

Irresistible Content Piece –> Godfather Offer Pitching a phone call, strategy session etc –> Thank you Page

Please note that even a coach or consultant could use the 2nd funnel if you really can’t find something to sell on the front end.

If you’re a great copywriter (or want to hire a good one), use this funnel:

Facebook Ad –> Ebook Opt in –> Survey –> Thank you page (Light mention of front end product) –> 8 Part Relationship Building Email Sequence/ Soap Opera Sequence –> Sales Page for Front End Offer or Strategy Session

Hope that clears the air.

If in doubt, choose number 2.

What’s The Best Traffic Source?

Facebook or Youtube.
I’m starting to move towards Youtube (sorry FB) because buyer intent is better but I have a feeling it will still be a pretty close race.

Just choose ONE and go with it. They will both work so don’t spend longer than 5 minutes on this one.

What Questions Should I Be Asking?

Glad you asked.

Good questions will create good answers.

So make sure you’re asking yourself questions that uncover the root problems in your business.

Here’s a few of my favorites:

  1. What don’t I See?
  2. What are 10 ways I could improve my offer?
  3. Who are the 4% of customers that equal 64% of my revenue?
  4. What area of my business needs fixing the most?
  5. How might I….. so that I can….”
  6. Example: How might I generate an additional $20,000/Month in profits so that we can afford to invest in a new team member to help our clients?”
  7. What are 10 ideas for new products I could create to create more buyers on the front end and/or increase my LTV on the back end?
  8. What is the REAL obstacle preventing our business from increasing revenues.
    – Then drill deeper into each of these by asking “Why is this metric (repeat business for example) not at 80% and people are not screaming to do business with us again?
    – Or maybe: “Why are people discontinuing their membership after just 2 months?

Go deep into the root problems, not the symptoms.

Symptoms will lead you down the wrong path.

If you want help to figure out why you’re funnel isn’t converting as well as it should be, you can download my 5-Step audit here.


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