January 18

The Secret Behind Tiny LIttle Offers


Lot’s of people have downplayed “the trip wire”.

That little $7 offer that is meant to build a list of qualified buyers rather than a bunch of freebie seekers.

However, in the past 6 months, there has been a new funnel that has been quitely brining in massive returns for a few smart business owners.

While everyone was shouting at you to increase your prices, they did the opposite.

And as a result, tiny offers were born.

These are funnels where people are generating $400,000-$500,000 in just a few months with a total maximum cart value of around $150 bucks.

What I want to share today is how to use tiny little offers, and how to best use them in your marketing funnel.

Should I Be Using a Tiny Offer Funnel?

If you’re a coach or consultant and you’ve been running a typical webinar funnel, you may be in the right spot to consider launching a funnel like this.

The reason why, is because there is always going to be a percentage of the market that has no interest spending $3000-$10,000 with you, yet they may be interested in spending $100 or even $1000.

It’s 80/20 economics that 4% of your clients will account for 64% of your revenue. So why not set up an automated system that allows you to increase the amount of money the other 80% spends with you rather than completely ignoring them?

Even if it costs $30-$40 to get 1 new customer, that could easily pay for itself and lead to your higher ticket programs down the road.

How Should I Structure My Tiny Offer Funnel?

The best way to set this up is to have a maximum cart value of $200

Your first step is to create a stupidly irresistible offer for $27 bucks.

This is something that you are working to get a 10% conversion rate with on your sales page because it’s such a damn good offer that it would be extreemly hard to close that page and walk away.

The next part is having a $37 order bump.

This should make the thing you’re buying easier, simpler or faster to get the desired outcome someone is looking for.

For example, if you’re selling a book on how to get clients, have your bump as a way to expedite the process using your “new framework”.

Now, here’s the key part that’s going to get you the big bucks.

On the next page (your first upsell), tell them that because they have taken advantage of your offer, that you want to offer them a free strategy session to help them achieve XYZ.

This is so important because this is how you can quickly land high ticket clients while making money on the front end.

If they pass on this opportunity, then make sure you send them great emails to pull them back to that strategy session.

If they pass on the strategy session, offer them a program.

Not ready to speak to you yet? No problem!

Give them an offer to have a video course or something additional to what they just purchased.

Maybe they purchased the blueprint to use a technique, as your upsell, give them a full course!

This is a great funnel that should be taken advantage of

It’s so simple to run, easy to setup and can make you money while you generate leads for your higher ticket programs.

I’m going to be launching a few of these tiny offer funnels for my clients over the coming months and will write here how it goes!

Stay tuned.


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