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Marketing Simplified – The Only Three Things You Should Focus Your Attention on to Increase Your Revenue


Here’s the deal

There is a LOT of great business minds out there that are able to grow and scale their business to incredible heights.

They take them to $100,000 then $200,000, $300,000, $500,000, $1,000,000+ in revenue.

Yet, they (like all of us) can quickly get swept into overwhelm as to what they should do to scale their sales,

Because quickly salaries, software and all the business expenses catch up quick and if things start to decline, it’s easy to fall into panic mode.

That’s when the vicious cycle sets in causing minds to go into a shocked state of caffinated overwhelm.

And you start thinking…

Should I launch a new funnel?

Should I create a new product to promote to my list?

Should I try an affiliate campaign?

We as business owners often have this major problem that plagues our minds…we stop focusing on the things that actually make the difference and quickly become overwhelmed with a sea of new options.

We lose sight of the 20% that is responsible for almost all of our revenue growth and we fall trap into this vicious cycle of fear –> looking at tons of different solutions –> Chose one/do a manual promotion to their list –> Make a bit of money but other things start to fall off –> Overwhelm –> Fear and the cycle repeats….

I’m here to tell you that scaling your marketing and understanding sales funnels is super simple once you grasp just three core principles.

I’m going to review those in a moment.

But first, it’s important to highlight why so many people drop the ball on trying to grow their business.

“In Order to Grow My Business, I Have to Do Something New”

This is the common belief that kills businesses.

It’s so common to see someone grow a coaching business to $100,000 per month and then they decide “hey I’m going to start an Amazon FBA business.”

Maybe, you’re not as extreme as that, but I’m willing to guess you have made a big pivot in your business at one point or another to try to add a new chunk of quick cash..

The shiny object syndrome kills businesses. It will drown you because rather than doubling down on what’s actually working, we fall prey to thinking we need to do something radically different.

That’s why… you need to really understand the three core pillars that make a business and your marketing funnel successful.

The Only 3 Things That Matter in Any Business

Point out a business that’s successful and I guarantee you couldn’t find one without these three things.

I’m going to break each one down individually although, they are pretty self explanatory.

Pillar 1 – Traffic

If you don’t have the right people hitting your funnel, you’re not going to make sales.

Pretty self explanatory right?

Pillar 2 – Conversion

You need to convert that traffic into paying customers.

Again, quite explanatory.

Piller 3 – Economics

If you’re numbers don’t make sense, then you don’t have a business.

Again, quite simple right?

Side note: One of the first things I tell my clients to do is to raise their prices. Why? Because without good economics you can’t scale a business and beat your competitors.

Here’s the real kicker though….

These Are The Only Three Things You Should Ever Focus Your Attention On When It Comes to Sales And Marketing

Forget every new flashy object for a moment about a new funnel hack or a revolutionary webinar script…

If you focus all of your attention on these three fundamentals, your business will grow every single year.


Because if you ask yourself the simple question “What are the 20% of Conversion Mechanisms (funnels, sales pages, etc) that brought 80% of my revenue in the past 12 months?”, you will most likely find out you had a huge promotion sometime last year that was wildly successful that you completely forgot about.

And if you didn’t you probably have one or two key assets in your business that are bringing you the most revenue.

All you have to do, is double down on what’s working.

Same with traffic “What are the 20% of traffic sources that are pulling the best customers to me?”

Remember for traffic…cost per lead doesn’t matter. Customers matter.

Don’t discount one traffic source that is bringing you 3X higher priced leads yet converting better than anything else.

An example of this might be that you figure out it’s Facebook and Youtube advertising…

Then ask yourself again “What are the 20% of Ads on Facebook that are pulling 80% of my results?”

Looking through your ads, you may find out that one video ad pulled almost all of your sales.

You can then either reuse that ad or create similar ads based on what was working incredibly well.

Make sense?

If not, leave a comment below and I’ll help you out.

It’s really that simple.

You don’t need a fancy funnel or any other B.S some scamy service provider is trying to push down your throat.

Also, if you are looking to hire someone for anything sales or marketing related, if they make it more complicated than this and only talk about fancy tactical stuff…RUN!

Every marketing campaign boils down to just these three elements.

I’m going to end this one here but please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and I’ll help you out.

If you want to improve your conversion in your funnel, download my “5 Step Sales Page Audit” to make sure you’re converting more traffic into customers.


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